Assessment Payment Options


Owners may make payments by check or money order to the lockbox located outside the Welcome Center,

or they may mail their payments to the lockbox at:

Dakota Dunes Community Association

PO Box 67


North Sioux City, SD 67049

Important Considerations:  Checks must be makde payable to "Dakota Dunes Community Association".  Payments must reference the account number or include the payment coupon in order to be applied to the correct account.

Automatic Payments

With this program, the owner authorizes the Association's Manager to withdraw the quarterly assessment amount

out of a bank account of their choosing (checking or savings). Download an ACH FORM.

Important Considerations: The form must be submitted directly to the Association Manager before the 1st of the month the payment is due (Jan/April/July/Oct) to start the draft for that payment. Owners are responsible for sending payment up until such time they are notified in writing that the first payment will be processed via Automatic Debit. Once established, withdrawals will occur on or about the 5th business day of each month the assessment is due via ACH transfer.

If corrections in the debit amount are necessary, it may involve an adjustment (credit or debit). There is a service charge per payment returned of $40 for any reason. 

Cancellations are not automatically processed when a property is sold or transferred. Automatic Debit authorizations remain in effect until written notice of cancellation is processed by the Association Management.

Revo Payments

Through RevoPay, owners may make one-time or recurring e-check or credit card payments.  Owners may log onto RevoPay through the icon "Pay Assessments" located on this site's Homepage.  The owner determines the amount they wish to pay, the frequency they wish to pay, and the day of the month payment is scheduled.

Important Considerations: RevoPay is a third party service and account information is privately held between their company and the owner.  Processing fees apply for all credit card payments, as well as for one-time or recurring e-checks.  

RevoPay payments take 72 business hours to process.  Payment amounts for this service are established by the owner and will NOT automatically adjust each year to the appropriate assessment amount; owners must access their account to adjust payment amounts.

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